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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yummy Mummy: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Gluten Free Panc...

Yummy Mummy: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Gluten Free Panc...: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and your family wherever you are. This has been such a wonderful year and I have loved getting to ...

Day 5 Juice Cleanse


I am winding down Day 5 and can't believe how fast time has flown by.
I have been very productive the past 5 days and I have accomplished alot of research on juicing, paleo and general nutrition.

Emotional garbage has came to the surface as well as family problems .
I atleast know I'm back to the basics and moving away from that typical bodybuilding diet I have followed the past couple years. I'm incorporating foods back into my diet that I need to be sufficient for good nutrition.
I'm looking forward to have solid food to chew on Wednesday. I went grocery shopping tonight and picked up a beautiful sockeye salmon filet to have for dinner. I will take a pic of my fridge tomorrow. It is a sight for healthy eyes :)

I was pretty tired again today. I took a nap and rested after church today.
I got 3 juice mixtures in and 1/2gallon of master cleanse.
I am down nearly 8 pounds which I am happy about.
I will be blogging my entire cleanse with juice recipes included when I am finished.
I haven't been on my laptop all weekend so I haven't had anything to share as far as recipes or videos.

I'm off to dream land with my sweet hubby and kitty beside me.
Good Night All

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Juice Cleanse Day 4

Coming from my bed this evening and very tired. I'm feeling fatigue today. I have felt the worst today. I did manage to get in 45 min of cardio. I took a break from lifting today.
I have been very hungry this evening.
I made two tasty mixtures today :)
Breakfast was orange, ginger and mint and I even gave this one a name
" Hot Sunshine". The flavors go so well together.
I also had Apple and Ginger after my cardio and it was delicious. Think I'm hooked on ginger :)
Tommorow is a day of worship and prepping for the week ahead.
I was doing research on juice fasting today. I read that some people fast with juice up to 100 days. I am thinking that's not for me. I am going to see my end results from the 7 day and decide how many times a year I will do a juice detox.
Learning my body and using whole living foods to be my medicine is rewarding.
Good night

Friday, January 27, 2012

Amino Sweet the new Aspartame name

Day 3 Juice Cleanse

ALOHA Everyone

Today is day 3 on my Juice Cleanse, Whaaa Hoooo!  I am a bit sluggish today.  I woke up with a mild headache.  So needless to say the Smooth Move Tea did its job around 4:30 this morning and I am for sure feeling better.  I opted to not take the Sea Salt capsules this morning.  I wasn't up to the nausea it brings.  I had Carrot, Apple and Ginger and some MasterCleanse mixture.
I actually laid back down after the girls left at 6:30 till around 8:30 and got back up and moving.  Not such a productive day for me today but I am planning on going to the gym in the next hour to get my fitness on for today.  I have been thinking about alot of things the past two days.  One thing that comes to mind is where am I on my spiritual journey with God and what does it mean to me?  I know that we all have a purpose here on our time on this earth, but what is mine?   Am I taking full potential of getting the best out of myself while I am here?  I have also been thinking what can I do to live a more simple life and stay more productive on a daily basis?  So, you could say alot is going through my brain as I detox.   I am hoping that I can tap into some of my spiritual awareness as I let go of things that have burdened me this past year.

On a different note, I have also been thinking about what I want to eat first as I bring solid foods back into my diet.  I think I have my menu planned, lol

I want a nice filet of Sock Eye Salmon, my absolute favorite salmon and some fresh spinach and a nice fruit medley like the one pictured below. 
My plan is to on the 7th day is to juice for my first meal and my second meal will probably be a salad and fruit, maybe boiled eggwhites and my dinner will be the Salmon.  I am really looking forward to solid food but until then I will be gracious with the juice that I am nourishing my body with for now.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 2 juice cleanse Pt 2

Good Evening
I am winding down and will be in dream land very soon. I am tired tonight and had a few hunger spells earlier. I can't believe day 2 is almost over and it's been over 48 hours since I have eaten solid foods. I have a mild headache tonight. I notice my skin is going through changes already. I am not sure what to expect the next few days but I will take it as it comes. I know I am doing this cleanse for the greater good of my health and my spiritual state.
I will be back at it tommorow friends.


More Love and Wisdom from Brother Echo

Day 2 Juice Cleanse


I just finished training my last client for the day.  Time to sit down and blog and tweet abit before my gym time.  So far I have felt pretty good today.  Except for a bit of negative energy coming from my own family members.  Thats another story and I was told I was weird today and I kind of liked it :)  Weird is good, Weird is different!  Like I always say, Normal is a setting on the washing machine, noone is normal.

I started off with 14 seasalt capsules this morning.  Within 5 minutes the nausea set in and I dry heaved a good 10 minutes.  I am thinking i should drink some of the smooth move tea tonight to get this process moving along a little faster.  I am doing fairly well with the hunger pains.  I have been pretty busy so I don't think about it much.  The juice seems to keep me full.  I did a quick cardio workout with my client earlier and found I had a decent energy level.  I plan on hitting the gym soon.  Drinking the Master Cleanse lemonade as my pre workout, lol.  I know my body is probably tired of consuming so much caffeine and workout crap that a break from it has to be good.  I am halfway down with the gallon of master cleanse today.

I think a good 30 minute meditation is waiting for me this evening.  I really need to dig in deep and find the positive light that shines within me and let it shine outward again.

I am off to shake this body around abit and feel the LOVE! oh yeah


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 1 of Juice Cleanse Pt 2


I wanted to start off with a namaste`, the divine light in me salutes the divine light in you.  I just finished up my last training client and I am enjoying my evening juice of carrots, celery, spinach, cilantro and lemon.  It is quite tasty.  My day went rather well.  I mananged to stave off hunger for the most part.  I had a great workout and did cardio this afternoon and felt very strong.  I also managed to get in a nap before noon today.  I watched some of Brother Echo's videos and pulled some inspiration from there to keep my strength up during this 7 day juice cleanse.  I didn't get as much done as I had planned but I was productive for the most part.  I believe I am going to turn in early tonight and get atleast 8 hours of restful sleep tonight so I can tackle Day 2 of my Juice Feast.  I will eventually write out my entire juice feast program to share when I am finished with the cleanse.  I would love to get brave enough to make some videos.  Maybe... lol  

I feel really good this evening for the most part and I'm ready for what tommorow will bring.  Lots of love in abundance to all


Pink Lotus Flower- my next tattoo

Pink Lotus FLower

The pink lotus flower is perhaps one of the most celebrated flowers that there is. It is considered sacred, and is associated with the highest realms of Buddhism, with the Buddha himself, many kings, and the highest deity often depicted with this plant.
The scientific name for the genus of lotus is Nelumbo, and the plant serves many uses, in addition to being associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, wrote is representative of creation, enlightenment, and purity; it is all a well-known source of food. Indeed, in ancient Greek mythology Homer in his book the Odyssey describes how Ulysses visits the land of the lotus eaters.
The plant has many purposes, and can be used to make tea; its seeds can be eaten, as indeed can their tubers. Plants of the genus Nymphaea are also considered to be lotus, even though they are scientifically classified as water lilies.

Pink Lotus Flower
The Exquisite Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus Flower and Buddhism

In Buddhism different colors of flowers have different symbolism is and meanings, for example the blue Lotus is associated with spiritual freedom, whereas the red lotus symbolizes love and compassion. However, it is the pink lotus flower that is considered to be the supreme lotus; the true locus of the Buddha.
One of the reasons that lotus flowers are considered so sacred is due to their daily cycle, they emerge slowly from dirty, muddy ponds over a period of a few days, and open all in the morning, and close their petals in the late afternoon. Despite, emerging from such a muddy and dirty environment, the lotus flower remains clean; and not only this it is beautiful. Many civilizations have therefore associated the lotus flower with rebirth and especially in Buddhism with purity.
The state that the pink lotus flower is in is also representative of the state that a person is going through and the flower represents ones heart; when the flower is a just a bud it is synonymous with a closed in person who is yet to step up other way of spirituality. As a flower blooms it comes to represent a place in opening up to all that is around them. The fully opened pink lotus flower represents a full sense of enlightenment and somebody who has reached Nirvana.
lotus flower heart
A Pink Lotus Flower Opening Up It's Heart To The World

Love from Brother Echo

Day 1 of Juice Cleanse

ALOHA Everyone

Day 1 of Juice Cleanse

I'm up at and at em this morning.  I started my morning off with prayer and meditation at 5:15am.
I got my Carrot, Apple and Ginger juice in before the storm gets here and we lose power.
It really could not be a more appropriate day to start my cleanse than on a rainy day like today.
Washing away the old and in with the new! Wheewww! Thats what I am talking about.
I forgot to mention that I took my Sea Salt capsules with warm water this morning before having my juice as I am supposed to.  I fought off nausea a good 10-15 minutes.  Still waiting on the end result from that. :)

I prayed for a lot of clarity and focus throughout this 7 day juice cleanse.  I am doing the cleanse for several different reasons some of those I will reveal through this blog and some I will keep to myself.
I also know that I need courage and strength to make it through this fast and fight off hunger pains.  I will continue to pray for that.  
I am going to post some videos from YouTube.  I love love Brother Echo.  He is my inspiration to do the cleanse and gravitate back towards a healthier purer lifestyle.
Enjoy the videos and I will be back blogging later today.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Juice Feast : Prep for Day 1

Juice Feast

Prep for Day 1

ALOHA everyone!  I am doing a JUICE FEAST and decided to blog about my experience.
I have been doing research the past few days on Juicing.  I found this guy on YOUTUBE named Echo Roberson aka Brother Echo.  I have been fascinated by his videos.  I love his personality.  I have connected with him as if I know him on a personal level just through watching his videos.  The website is Rawsangha.com  
I have decided to juice and incoroporate the ever so popular MasterCleanse into my plan.  I plan on juicing for 7 days with no food.  On the 7th day I will introduce foods back into my diet. As for today I have started a light prep for the plan starting full swing tommorrow.  

So far I have had.... 2 pieces of Food for Life toast with all fruit jelly, 12 almonds, 5 strawberries, 12 oz mastercleanse lemonade, 12 oz juice ( apple, celery, carrot, lemon, kale) it was yummy!  I plan on drinking 12 more ounces of mastercleanse lemonade, for my afterworkout meal  I will have 6 oz chicken breast, raw spinach, almond butter and 4 strawberries.  I may do another juice before bed.  I have also taken 2 capsules with sea salt.

It is a cloudy, humid, cold  day today so I am feeling pretty tired.  I think I am going to take a 45 min nap before I go to the gym this evening.

Please allow me to elaborate the reasons for the cleanse.  I do believe my body needs a detox as well as my mind for clarity.  Time to take a break from all the preworkout and protein drinks.  This old body is saying give me a break.  Let's get back to raw basics and a squeaky clean inside!  I do plan on doing more meditating and praying during the cleanse.
I feel disconnected from the earth, universe and all the people I am close to.  I know I have emotional baggage I need to unpack and let go of.  It is time to deal with what I have feared or pushed aside the past 18 months!  Lets do this!  I am ready.

I will blog often and especially when emotions come up that need to be addresed throughout the juice feast.