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Update on Larry

It is hard to believe that two years have now passed since the worst day of my family's life.  Finding out 2 years ago that the love of my life and my best friend would never walk again was so disheartening for me and the girls.  It was surreal for a very long time.  We have came such a long way from leaving rehab last June.  Larry is doing really good these days.   He is stronger physically and his attitude about everything is really good.  There has been no change in his condition as far as the paralysis.  He is still T6 complete and has no movement or sensation below his injury.  I had honestly hoped and hoped something would come back so that maybe it would make his life better in some way but it just wasn't meant to come back.
I think I am past a lot of my frustration and anger at this point.  My update is a whole new subject which I will touch on very soon because in the end my health was affected and I want to talk about that further.

Larry's Abilities***

As a T6 complete Larry is able to use his arms and hands.  He does not have any muscle usage below his ribcage.  Not having ABS is a bummer because they are your balance.  He will sometimes fall over if he loses balance.  He needs my assistance for just about everything he does.  He has two wheelchairs.  He only uses the motorized chair if he is outside in the yard and the terrain is uneven.  He showers himself and I assist him where he can't reach.  I transfer him from chair to bench with him helping as much as possible.  He is now able to roll on his side and back to his back by himself.  He can transfer himself from his wheelchair to the bed but bed to wheelchair has not been mastered yet.

What Larry's up to these days*****

Larry is now working as a day trader.  He loves it and spends hours researching the futures and his next move.   His office is set up with monitors and everything he needs to work.  Some days he works from bed if he's not feeling well.  He loves that dang IPAD.  Best money spent yet!  He likes watching his favorite TV shows and spending hours looking at photography.  Hanging out with me is something else he loves and we have OUR time every day... LOTS OF IT <3

Larry's Health*****

As of currently he's doing great.  No Uti's in over a month and that's huge for us.  He has a lot of digestion issues and gas sets off horrible nerve pain for him.  He does have some tone but its only usually when he first wakes up and then it passes.  I massage him every day and stretch him .  We do lift weights sometimes.   The hard part about being paralyzed is not that you can't walk its the health problems that come along with it.  We are still learning his new body every day.  It is a challenge for sure but we keep going and never looking back.

Future plans****

We are about to move out of the house that we have spent 8 years in.  This was our first home together..  It carries some sentimental value but its time to move on.  Our family has to operate on a much simpler basis in every way.  We are looking for a smaller town house in The Woodlands and then after Jordan graduates we plan to move to Austin where we have wanted to be for years.  I am very excited about moving to Austin. :)
We will keep moving along learning, living and loving.  Connecting our personalities to our souls and finding our true purpose here.

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