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Friday, January 27, 2012

Amino Sweet the new Aspartame name

Day 3 Juice Cleanse

ALOHA Everyone

Today is day 3 on my Juice Cleanse, Whaaa Hoooo!  I am a bit sluggish today.  I woke up with a mild headache.  So needless to say the Smooth Move Tea did its job around 4:30 this morning and I am for sure feeling better.  I opted to not take the Sea Salt capsules this morning.  I wasn't up to the nausea it brings.  I had Carrot, Apple and Ginger and some MasterCleanse mixture.
I actually laid back down after the girls left at 6:30 till around 8:30 and got back up and moving.  Not such a productive day for me today but I am planning on going to the gym in the next hour to get my fitness on for today.  I have been thinking about alot of things the past two days.  One thing that comes to mind is where am I on my spiritual journey with God and what does it mean to me?  I know that we all have a purpose here on our time on this earth, but what is mine?   Am I taking full potential of getting the best out of myself while I am here?  I have also been thinking what can I do to live a more simple life and stay more productive on a daily basis?  So, you could say alot is going through my brain as I detox.   I am hoping that I can tap into some of my spiritual awareness as I let go of things that have burdened me this past year.

On a different note, I have also been thinking about what I want to eat first as I bring solid foods back into my diet.  I think I have my menu planned, lol

I want a nice filet of Sock Eye Salmon, my absolute favorite salmon and some fresh spinach and a nice fruit medley like the one pictured below. 
My plan is to on the 7th day is to juice for my first meal and my second meal will probably be a salad and fruit, maybe boiled eggwhites and my dinner will be the Salmon.  I am really looking forward to solid food but until then I will be gracious with the juice that I am nourishing my body with for now.