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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Soap Making at Mia Bella Farm

Recently I spent an afternoon with my sweet friend Melissa Humphries at Mia Bella Farms learning the step by step process of making handmade goat milk soap.   Mia Bella farms is a beautiful farm in a secluded area with tons of privacy.  The owner, Michelle Gasaway is a lovely lady with a passion for her goats and her craft.

We began the workshop touring her shop where all of the wonderful soap is made.  Walking through the doors of the shop my senses went crazy trying to figure out which scent I was being drawn towards.  Michelle had a table set up with everything that we would be using to make soap.

Michelle mixing Lye for the soap
Stirring the oils and lye

More stirring

Adding in Goat Milk

Michelle talking :)

Adding in Lavender and Mint essential oils

Pouring soap into the molds

Molds made with PVC pipe

Soap after it has set up in the mold

Tapping the mold with a hammer, the soap popped right out

Preparing the soap to slice into 4 oz bars

This is the coolest soap slicer ever!
Soap put onto drying rack for  a week before being packaged

Comfrey and Goats milk soap on the drying racks

Some of the many different soaps Michelle makes

A finished product ready to be sent out to extra happy customer

I ended up taking the Oatmeal Honey soap home with me and it is heavenly- let me tell you!!!
I would recommend to anyone that has a love for goats and or the craft of soap making to taking a trip out to Mia Bella farms for a tour and a soap making class.  It is a trip worth making even twice.
I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing pics of the workshop.
My next adventure will be cheese making. :) Yum!  Goat cheese is my absolute favorite.  I am currently making goats milk soap for my Handmade by Traci Lyn product line.  The benefits of the milk in the soap are amazing.  My daughter and I both have clearer skin and I am amazed how vibrant my skin looks after I use it.

New scents and products coming soon.

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