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10 Things You should know about a Writer

10 Things You Should Know About Writers

1. Writing is our work, and we love it. If it seems like we’re writing all the time (at night, on vacation, any spare moment), that means we’re happy. There is no need for pity. We look quiet and serious, but we’re happy.
2. We actually wish we could spend more time writing.
3. It is impossible to respond to your question when we are writing. Seriously. We can only process your words if we look away from the page.
4. If you enter a room and see us writing, come back later. We don’t like to be interrupted when writing. It makes us a bit cranky.
5. We need to revise what we write. A lot. Probably more than you thought humanly possible. That’s because all good writers revise, a lot.
Books aren’t written – they’re rewritten. -Michael Crichton
6. We need privacy. When we’re ready to show you our writing, you’ll know.
7. Or sometimes we might (mistakenly) share our writing before it’s ready. When that happens, you should tell us the piece sucks. While painful at first, it helps the revision process when someone is a little mean (AKA honest) … but use tact if you prefer.
8. We don’t like anyone hovering behind us while we are writing. (See tip 6.)
9. If you like our book or blog, tell other people so they can read it, too. This is the best compliment we could ever hope for.
10. Or cry. When I was a teenager, I judged the quality of my writing by whether or not my sister (who read all my books) would become emotional. Once, she got teary-eyed during a scene where a minor character died. It was the best day ever.

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