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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nurturing the Writer inside

The Daisy is my favorite flower.  I love the Gerber daisy the best with its pastel colors and full petals.  Larry says I have a black thumb and plants get sick and die when I am in charge of caring for them.  I think he's full of it but I only have one houseplant that my dear friend gave my for my birthday 5 years ago.  It is still alive but probably not growing to its potential.  

I have been reading other blogs to see what people like to write about or what is interesting.  I have found that these blogs appear to reflect the writer's personality as well as their interests.  I'm finding that to be true with my blog as well.  I am trying to spend time working on my blog and at least posting once a day.  I read a lot of great advice on the Pioneer Woman's blog, which is fantastic by the way.  

I think the writer inside is dying to come out and bloom into something really wonderful for me but I know it is something that I have to nurture the undeveloped writer inside so that I can enable a blossom of growth.  I believe it is the same as one of my Gerber daisy's taking full bloom.  The flower started from a seed that is deposited in the ground with care.  As the seed takes root to the earth and grows every day so will my writing.  Water and Sunlight are mandatory for daily growth as well practice and good energy are for me to write.  Slowly the leaves appear and soon comes a flower bud.  The flower then opens in full bloom with such beauty.

Nurturing is a vital process for anything that needs to grow.  Mother's nurture their children so that they can grow and so do animals.  
Writing can be time consuming and so fulfilling.  I am truly enjoying writing and learning new things about me.  I am so thankful that I can share what I know and people are inspired or motivated by my blog.


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