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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Juice Cleanse Day 4

Coming from my bed this evening and very tired. I'm feeling fatigue today. I have felt the worst today. I did manage to get in 45 min of cardio. I took a break from lifting today.
I have been very hungry this evening.
I made two tasty mixtures today :)
Breakfast was orange, ginger and mint and I even gave this one a name
" Hot Sunshine". The flavors go so well together.
I also had Apple and Ginger after my cardio and it was delicious. Think I'm hooked on ginger :)
Tommorow is a day of worship and prepping for the week ahead.
I was doing research on juice fasting today. I read that some people fast with juice up to 100 days. I am thinking that's not for me. I am going to see my end results from the 7 day and decide how many times a year I will do a juice detox.
Learning my body and using whole living foods to be my medicine is rewarding.
Good night

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