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Monday, May 21, 2012

Being a good Listener... means being a good friend

Aloha friends.....

I had a really nice weekend.  Quite a few things going on around the Baird house.   Jordan went to her first prom with Daniel and she had a great time and looked beautiful.  Saturday night was a very nice evening with my wonderful hubby.  He surprised me with a Steak& Lobster dinner.  We don't do those often anymore but when we do I enjoy every single bite. :)   Sunday was wonderful.   I went to a dear friends house and we hung out by her pool and relaxed.  We did some catching up.  I ended my Sunday with a 2 mile run and one of my killer 12 minute workouts.  
My inspiration to blog this morning is being a good listener.  As I have grown older I notice in each person I meet or in friends I know their ability to listen as I speak or as I tell them my story or my thoughts.  Are they listening?  Do they interrupt me?  Do they let me finish my story?  Do they really care what I am saying?  I believe these are qualities in a person that determine a great friend.  Sometimes it is better to just listen than it is to speak.  You have had that conversation with that  person that never lets you finish a sentence and your like OMG please let me finish?? I think we all have.  I know in the past when I was younger and impatient I would become so frustrated that I would pull away from people even if they were my  friends that did that.  My maturity and patience has allowed me to be calm and let them speak now.
I think some people just want to get something off their chest or sometimes its something that is important to them that they just want to be heard.  Listening to your friends or other people is a conscious effort to being a good friend.   Practice being a good listener with someone today.  It will actually feel good to be the one who is silent.  It also makes the other person feel important and feel worth in the friendship.

Give it a try today.