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Friday, June 15, 2012

What I Live For

As time gets away from me every year I always find myself reflecting on the days when my girls were both small. I think I thought somehow they would always be little people and never grow up. Time did appear to drag when they were babies especially all those sleepless nights. It's almost as if you wake up one day and they are semi grown up and don't need you. Oh, how I miss bathing them, washing their hair and tucking them in at night. Sometimes more than once.
I couldn't wait for life to get easier. Little did I know that it was easier back then, so much easier. There is no going back so I must embrace the fact that they are still at home with me and I get the next couple years to be their mommy in a way they need me.   I will really enjoy these moments.
Nothing makes me happier than my children. They are by far my greatest accomplishment in my life.