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This I know to be true

As I take my plunge into blogging and writing about my life experiences and things that are of interest to me I feel like I am learning about myself  on a inspirational level.  I find that I enjoy writing most when everyone in my house is sleeping. Hmmm, that could mean that I like my quiet time or that I have a very short attention span, lol.  I am pretty sure it is some of both.  

I haven't gotten completely comfortable with whipping out my laptop and picking a subject and writing away until I have this  great blog composed and hitting the publish button without wondering if I need to change something or is this a subject that people want to read about or is anyone even reading my blog anyway.  I read the Pioneer Woman blog to find inspiration a lot of the time or to even get ideas on how I want to customize my own blog.  What I have learned is this is about ME  and I want my personality to come out through this blog.  I want my readers to feel as if they know me on a personal level even if they have never met me before.  I want my blog to be an inspiration to people that read my material.  I would hope they would try my DIY and comment.  I would hope they would read about my life as a caregiver to my paraplegic husband and look at the person they love and be more compassionate and patient.  I would hope they see the love I have for my children and hug their children when they see them.

I know that I enjoy writing and I have always wanted to be a writer and my oldest daughter is following in my footsteps.  She is now blogging and I am so proud of her page and who she is becoming.
I know that when I write I feel a sense of accomplishment.  
I know that I want my writing and blogging to be left behind as my legacy to my children and I hope they are completely inspired by my writings.  I know that it is not my place to ever judge anyone from their past mistakes and to always open my arms to someone who needs me.  I know everyone needs and deserves a second chance.  What we do with that second chance is entirely up to us.  This is where I believe some people finally get gratitude.  I have been writing in my own gratitude journal for quite some time and I truly enjoy looking back and seeing what I was thankful for on any given random day.  I am thankful for the chance to save my marriage and that my husband survived his accident.  I am thankful for my husband who provides for us and loves us.  I am thankful for my two beautiful children.  I am thankful for the ability to write and share my experiences with others and continue to inspire and motivate people.
These are things I know to be true.

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  1. You are BEAUTIFUL in EVERY way! Thank you for sharing your life, heart and soul with us Traci.