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Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me

You know the old saying " Time Flies "
Well, it really does. I can't believe 22 years has passed by. I have vivid memories of my wedding day. I can remember just about everything I did that entire day. My memory can take me there as if I was there again. I was just a young 18 year old girl who knew what I wanted at that moment. I wanted to spend every minute of my life with this man I had fallen in love with and could not get enough of.
Every anniversary we talk about that day and our wise old age makes is wonder why we didn't do things differently. Of course you can always wonder why you didn't do things different but the fact is we were young and we were living in the moment then. No worries of the future and the past was the past. So if I would change anything today it would be to live in the now again more. The future is only a thought anyway and the past is a memory. My mantra for the day is to live in this day and enjoy every single minute of my 22 anniversary.
I really am glad we've made this far.
I think we've got this now :)
Happy Anniversary Baby, I love you more than anything