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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Juice Feast : Prep for Day 1

Juice Feast

Prep for Day 1

ALOHA everyone!  I am doing a JUICE FEAST and decided to blog about my experience.
I have been doing research the past few days on Juicing.  I found this guy on YOUTUBE named Echo Roberson aka Brother Echo.  I have been fascinated by his videos.  I love his personality.  I have connected with him as if I know him on a personal level just through watching his videos.  The website is Rawsangha.com  
I have decided to juice and incoroporate the ever so popular MasterCleanse into my plan.  I plan on juicing for 7 days with no food.  On the 7th day I will introduce foods back into my diet. As for today I have started a light prep for the plan starting full swing tommorrow.  

So far I have had.... 2 pieces of Food for Life toast with all fruit jelly, 12 almonds, 5 strawberries, 12 oz mastercleanse lemonade, 12 oz juice ( apple, celery, carrot, lemon, kale) it was yummy!  I plan on drinking 12 more ounces of mastercleanse lemonade, for my afterworkout meal  I will have 6 oz chicken breast, raw spinach, almond butter and 4 strawberries.  I may do another juice before bed.  I have also taken 2 capsules with sea salt.

It is a cloudy, humid, cold  day today so I am feeling pretty tired.  I think I am going to take a 45 min nap before I go to the gym this evening.

Please allow me to elaborate the reasons for the cleanse.  I do believe my body needs a detox as well as my mind for clarity.  Time to take a break from all the preworkout and protein drinks.  This old body is saying give me a break.  Let's get back to raw basics and a squeaky clean inside!  I do plan on doing more meditating and praying during the cleanse.
I feel disconnected from the earth, universe and all the people I am close to.  I know I have emotional baggage I need to unpack and let go of.  It is time to deal with what I have feared or pushed aside the past 18 months!  Lets do this!  I am ready.

I will blog often and especially when emotions come up that need to be addresed throughout the juice feast.  



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