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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweet Memories

Me, Missy and Fred
Me and my big sis Bobbi
Cowgirl Traci
Me, Missy and Mr. Beaux Jangles
Me and Cocoa
Larry,  Me and Jordan

I found a few oldies from when I was pretty young.  I love looking at old pics and seeing how much my girls look like me.  I have always loved horses.  Mr. Beaux Jangles was my very first horse and he was fantastic.  Missy has been a lifelong friend who I still adore and love very much.  My sister Bobbi is my best friend.  I do love her very much.  Its always fun to look at old pics and pull that specific memory up.  I know my mind can take me back as if I'm there if it was a memorable time for me.  Making memories is what life is about right?  Or atleast good ones. :)

Special people in my life

Me and Larry
Me and Donna Beavers
Me and Jordan @ Nationals
Me and Missy
Me and My Sis Bobbi
Me and Vicky
Me and Layci
Me and Christina

These critters I call children

Jordan and Daniel
Miss Layci
Miss Layci
Jadey (lt. colonel) and Jordan ( colonel)