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100 Things About Me

1.  I am very sensitive.
2.  I love HORSES.
3.  I love CATS.
4.  I wanted to be a Meterologist in high school.
5.  I also wanted to be a Teacher.
6.  I grew up in Louisiana.
7.  My best friend Missy has been my friend over 30 years.
8.  I was a barrel racer when I was 8 years old.
9.  I always wanted to be a jockey!
10.  I was a jockey at age 20.
11.  I was the leading apprentice  jockey in the state of Louisiana.
12.  I loved riding races more than anything I have ever done.
13.  I have always used profanity.
14.  I went to a private baptist school and I smoked in the office! haha
15.  I smoked for over 20 years. I know  I know, ewwww!
16.  I will do anything for those I love.
17.  I fell in love with my husband at 18.
18.  I was engaged to him 2 weeks after we met and married 8 months later.
19.  I love boxing.
20.  I love Adam Sandler!
21.  Water Boy is one of my favorite movies.
22.  Braveheart is my absolute favorite all time movie ever.
23.  I get sleepy if I lay down for more than 5 minutes.
24.  I rarely finish watching a movie... ^ bc of #23
25.  I love to READ!
26.  The first book I read was " Misty of Chincontinque"
27.  We have a pet rat named Daisy.  I love her so much.
28.  I have an African Grey Parrot.
29.  My hubby bought me a BMW on my 30th Birthday.
30.  I cry easy.
31.  I don't like when people complain.
32.  I love to smile at people.
33.  I watch food network every day.
34.  I love to cook.
35.  I love eating healthy foods.
36.  I am a waitresss at a Sushi Restaurant.
37.  I love being a mommy.
38.  I was a yoga teacher for 5 years.
39.  I plan to write a book in the next couple years.
40.  I meditate every day.
41.  I love to run.  I find I do my deepest thinking when I run.
42.  I am terrible at counting money.
43.  I am very spiritual.
44.  I am one of those people who is connected to earth and its beings.
45.  I love pinterest.
46.  I enjoy reading blogs.
47.  I love Special K cereal with Almond/Coconut milk.
48.  Kombucha is my favorite drink.
49.  I hate too many choices.
50.  I love Sunrises and Sunsets.
51.  The beach is my favorite place to be ever!
52.  I love visiting Mexico.
53.  I love hanging out with my two daughters.
54.  Oprah Winfrey is my biggest mentor and inspiration in life.  I LOVE HER!
55.  I watched the Oprah show every day in high school.
56.  True Blood is currently my favorite tv series.
57.  I try every day to be the best person I can possible be at everything I do.
58.  I love Hot Tamales candy!
59.  I love The Foo Fighters! best band ever!
60.  I walk slow.
61.  I can do like a million lunges when I want to without stopping.
62.  I used to be a personal trainer.
63.  I dream of going to India all the time.  I love that country.
64.  I would live in Bali for the rest of my life.
65.  I have 2 sisters.
66.  I make friends easy.
67.  I like to wake up early.
68.  I love to eat sweets!
69.  I love the color pink!
70.  I love getting foot massages by Layci
71.  I have curly hair.
72.  I went to massage school.
73.  I love experimenting with hairstyles and colors.
74.  I love running and working out with my daughters.
75.  My husband is my everything.
76.  My husband was in an accident 2 years ago and is a parapeligic.
77.  I enjoy watching the deer in my backyard.
78.  My parents love me.
79.  I like shopping with my daughters.
80.  I love watching my daughters dance.
81.  I get joy out of helping others.
82.  I love watching tv in bed with my family.
83.  Scary movies are the best!
84.  I am writing a cook book right now.
85.  I love drinking wine with my husband.
86.  Mother Teresa has always inspired me.
87.  I love studying world history.
88.  I love watching Dr. Oz show.
89.  I couldn't live without my Iphone.
90.  I love all music.
91.  I have 4 tattoos.
92.  I plan to get more tattoos.
93.  I have never been to jail.
94.  I love workout clothes.
95.  I love Europe!
96.  I have the best protein cookie recipe ever!
97.  My daily life is different than most people.
98.  I have anxiety.
99.  I love dark chocolate.
100.  I can count to 100!

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  1. Love this!!! I am reading all of your posts and they are great! I love you!