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Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Day 5 Juice Cleanse


I am winding down Day 5 and can't believe how fast time has flown by.
I have been very productive the past 5 days and I have accomplished alot of research on juicing, paleo and general nutrition.

Emotional garbage has came to the surface as well as family problems .
I atleast know I'm back to the basics and moving away from that typical bodybuilding diet I have followed the past couple years. I'm incorporating foods back into my diet that I need to be sufficient for good nutrition.
I'm looking forward to have solid food to chew on Wednesday. I went grocery shopping tonight and picked up a beautiful sockeye salmon filet to have for dinner. I will take a pic of my fridge tomorrow. It is a sight for healthy eyes :)

I was pretty tired again today. I took a nap and rested after church today.
I got 3 juice mixtures in and 1/2gallon of master cleanse.
I am down nearly 8 pounds which I am happy about.
I will be blogging my entire cleanse with juice recipes included when I am finished.
I haven't been on my laptop all weekend so I haven't had anything to share as far as recipes or videos.

I'm off to dream land with my sweet hubby and kitty beside me.
Good Night All