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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holiday Weekend

Aloha Friends.....

I've been up and at it for a couple hours this morning preparing for a Fish Fry we are having tommorow.  Larry's dad is coming down from Zavalla and we are frying some fresh fish he just caught yesterday.  My earliest memories of dating Larry are at his house eating fried catfish or white perch.  There were  always french fries and usally homemade hushpuppies and a gigantic salad and I can't forget the cheddar cheese and pickle tray that was always being snacked on while we waited for the fish.  Larry's dad has always been quite the fisherman and the avid hunter.  If we weren't having fresh fish then it was something that he had caught and killed from his hunting lease.  I know I tried things at his house I never heard of eating in my life before.  I grew up on a pretty boring diet.  Same things over and over.  Never once did we ever have Venison at my house.  I think trying new foods after meeting Larrry sparked my taste buds into all the exciting things I eat today.

I am waiting on Larry's father ( George ) to get here now.  I will be doing cleaning and grocery shopping later.  I have a ton of things to drop off at the local Goodwill today.  Larry and I did quite a bit of spring cleaning the past few days.  We are getting ready for our move in the next 45 days and we want to start over in our new place with less "STUFF"  We are simplifying our life.  Less is MORE!

My menu for tommorow's Fish Fry includes the fresh fish George recently caught and french fries, hushpuppies and coleslaw.  I always try and finish with something sweet and I plan on making cheesecake and maybe some cookies.  My girls both love fried fish.  I usually don't eat fried anything but I always make an exception when it comes to eating George's fish.  Memorial day is usually a holiday that Larry and I spent on the lake with friends in the past.  We are making new traditions for every holiday now.  Our lives are so very different than they were 5 years ago.  I think the accident prompted a different outlook on everything and especially when it comes to our family being together.  It is important to us we are a very close knit family and know that we all 4 have each other.  I really try to make lasting impressions and ensure stability with my girls.  I want them to remember me for my strength and holding our family together through  the toughest of times.  I want them to know I am always there  no matter what happens.

I am trying out a new DIY dishwashing deteregent and I plan on doing a tutorial on here.  I will be working on it this weekend so look for my post soon.
Happy Holiday to everyone out there reading my blog.  Have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend.