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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 2 Juice Cleanse


I just finished training my last client for the day.  Time to sit down and blog and tweet abit before my gym time.  So far I have felt pretty good today.  Except for a bit of negative energy coming from my own family members.  Thats another story and I was told I was weird today and I kind of liked it :)  Weird is good, Weird is different!  Like I always say, Normal is a setting on the washing machine, noone is normal.

I started off with 14 seasalt capsules this morning.  Within 5 minutes the nausea set in and I dry heaved a good 10 minutes.  I am thinking i should drink some of the smooth move tea tonight to get this process moving along a little faster.  I am doing fairly well with the hunger pains.  I have been pretty busy so I don't think about it much.  The juice seems to keep me full.  I did a quick cardio workout with my client earlier and found I had a decent energy level.  I plan on hitting the gym soon.  Drinking the Master Cleanse lemonade as my pre workout, lol.  I know my body is probably tired of consuming so much caffeine and workout crap that a break from it has to be good.  I am halfway down with the gallon of master cleanse today.

I think a good 30 minute meditation is waiting for me this evening.  I really need to dig in deep and find the positive light that shines within me and let it shine outward again.

I am off to shake this body around abit and feel the LOVE! oh yeah


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