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Thursday, June 21, 2012


25 Simple Paths to Joy

  1. stillness
  2. meals with people you love
  3. rest your hand on his back
  4. do what makes you feel alive
  5. make music
  6. sometimes – peace and quiet
  7. hot coffee
  8. look outside for a new perspective
  9. look inward for help from yourself
  10. do what you said you would
  11. slow to speak
  12. radiate love
  13. encourage instead of criticize
  14. sing
  15. meditate
  16. move your body
  17. for me, write
  18. take your time
  19. do something, not everything
  20. mindfulness
  21. real food
  22. cash budgets
  23. go for it
  24. persevere
  25. another day to try
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1 comment:

  1. Traci, I needed this today! Thanks for posting it! I've been enjoying myself rummaging around your blog! I need to use up some ginger root so may try that ginger dressing,too! Never would have thought of that!
    Love everything, keep up the great work!
    Jan @ tipgarden.blogspot.com