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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Review

Today's blog is a review of the DIY products I have tested lately.  I will start with the Dishwashing Detergent first.  I posted a while back pics of this and gave a tutorial.  This is a product I had high hopes for to really work as a DIY and I even tried a second formula and it was a fail twice.  My dishes would never come completely clean.   I washed them off well before loading to the dishwasher and even added the vinegar to the rinse cycle hoping this would come out crystal clean and no spots.
FAIL again.  My entire family had complaints how the dishes, glasses and silverware had a film on them.  I went back to my store bought formula until I can find another DIY formula that works better.  I am open to any reader's comments or suggestions.

I have also made the Liquid Dish Soap.  Once again this was a FAIL.
Ugh I know.  I  was disappointed.  I added the glycerine to the formula and this product came out stringy and weird.  My entire family will not touch the soap.
I have looked for the Meyer's bar soap at several locations and no luck finding it.  I used the Bonner's soap as my bar soap.  I think I will give this a try again with a different type of bar  next time around.  I am not crazy about the texture of the soap I made.

Now on the other hand, my laundry detergent rocks!  I have orders of people wanting to buy it now.  I am going to be selling it in a local co op in The Woodlands.  I am very pleased with the results of this product.   I will be making several different scents and it will come in clear plastic gallon container that is refundable on the next order.

I made the Air Freshner spray this past weekend with Orange and Lemon essential oils.  It smells amazing. I have been using essential oils as air freshners for quite sometime.  My favorite scent is Spearmint.  People tell me how wonderful my house smells when I use Spearmint.  I use essential oils from www.nowfoods.com.

I made the Glass Cleaner also.  I love it!  I use a spray bottle, vinegar, alcohol and dawn soap.  This cleans glass and chrome unbeliveably.  This gets an A plus just like the laundry detergent.

Some of the DIY are better than the product you can buy in the store  but some are a complete waste of time and money.  As DIY is a part of my blog I feel it is my responsibility to share the good and bad with my audience.

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